General Updates

So, it’s pretty clear I’ve sort of dropped the ball with this blog lately.

I recently started a new job with a long commute and it’s definitely been a major adjustment to try to figure out how to balance my time effectively. I’m three weeks in and I think I’m finally adjusting to my new schedule, so I’m gonna try to jump back into things here. For the first two week or so of my job I was scrambling to read enough to get a few posts out and that clearly wasn’t working, so I sort of needed to take a step back and figure out the best way to go forward with this blog in terms of scheduling posts and figuring out what types of posts I want to focus on (since I definitely can’t read fast enough to post more than one review every week at this point, but I will try to post at least one review a week if I can.)

My current plan is to post three times per week (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday) but to have things scheduled out for at least three weeks in advance (this is one of those scheduled posts.) I’m currently sitting on some drafts of reviews, discussion ideas, and tags I have in mind; it’s just a matter of fleshing things out and getting them scheduled. I tend to be at my most productive right after my morning coffee so I think I’m not going to really have time for blogging during the week but I may use Saturday and Sunday morning coffee times to catch up on my feed and get a few drafts scheduled. I tend to keep up with the news during the work week while I drink my coffee (thank god for Google News or I wouldn’t even do that) and that’s definitely a habit I don’t want to break but the weekends are going to be for my hobbies.

It’s going to be a bit of a transition as reading & blogging isn’t the only aspect of my life I’ve neglected the last few weeks. I’m also trying to get back to working on my novel (which I may eventually post about the process of or my struggles with or whatever) and trying to find time to keep up with my active hobbies like yoga and running as well as finding “Me time” for just hanging out and playing video games is going to be a lot to balance. Also there’s the whole social life thing, so it’s all gonna be a lot to figure out.

Anyways I want to thank all of my followers so far on this blog. There may not be many of you as of yet but I see you, and I appreciate you anyway.

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