Music Shuffle Book Tag

Thanks to Kelly @kellyluvsreadin for tagging me to do this!

This tag was created by Becca Leighanne (original post is here). The rules are simple: using your preferred source for music (iTunes, Spotify, etc), put the songs on shuffle. For each song, list a character, ship, or book that the song reminds you of. Do this for 5-10 books. You owe zero explanation for any of the songs you pair up, but you can explain if you want. It’s up to you.

Here are my songs:

1. Akureyri — Crywolf

Oh god, your eyes
They’re shining like the sun

Patroclus and Achilles from The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller. I remember a lot of similes and metaphors where Patroclus compares Achilles to the sun?

Also, damn, I haven’t listened to this song in like a year and half though but I LOVE Crywolf thanks to this meme for bringing him back to me.

2. Drag — Day Wave

You say that I’m too hard to find
And I don’t make time
And you’re just like that

Wow, is this whole meme going to be songs I haven’t listened to in over a year? Damn.

Anyway, the general lyrics and feel of this song gave me a lot of All For the Game by Nora Sakavic vibes. I feel like it could apply to pretty much any of the Exy players in the whole series, particularly any of the Foxes or Jean.

3. Closer — The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey

Wow, okay, just bring me back to my fave semester of college like that. Feels, man.

So baby pull me closer in the backseat of your Rover
That I know you can’t afford
Bite that tattoo on your shoulder
Pull the sheets right off the corner
Of the mattress that you stole
From your roommate back in Boulder
We ain’t ever getting older

If I read more contemporary I’d probably have like a million ships I could put these lyrics to. But I don’t, so I’m struggling. I’m gonna go with Alice and Quentin from The Magicians by Lev Grossman. And not just because she can’t get older as a niffin…

4. Thanatos — Soap&Skin

Ages of delirium
Curse of my oblivion

I swell without a scar
To the end of time
A shell without a star
At the end of time

Koschei the Deathless from Deathless by Catherynne M. Valente. That’s my instinct, no explanation.

5. Revolution — Diplo ft. Faustix, Imanos & Kai

Fallen people listen up!
It’s never too late to change our luck
So, don’t let them steal your light

Don’t let them break your stride
There is light on the other side
And you’ll all the raindrops falling behind
It’s a revolution

Darrow, Sevro, Cassius, Mustang, et. al from the Red Rising trilogy by Pierce Brown. The techno beat in particular really made me feel like I had to go with a more futuristic sci-fi setting for a revolution as opposed to a fantasy setting.

6. If I Had a Heart — Fever Ray

Dangling feet from window frame
Will I ever ever reach the floor?
More, give me more, give me more

Crushed and filled with all I found
Underneath and inside
Just to come around
More, give me more, give me more

Ah ah, ah ah
Ah ah, ah ah
Ah ah, ah ah
If I had a voice, I would sing

Maika Halfwolf and that little slithery, eye-filled, demon boy inside her from Monstress by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda.

7. Torn Apart — Bastille, GRADES

You stepped with a heavy tread,
And left your mark
Oh, your mark on me
The space you used to fill is now this great black hole
Oh, you’re out of sight but not out of my mind

My first thought is quite literally the Monster and Dr. Frankenstein himself from Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, but I also laughed out loud at my own connection because it seemed a little ridiculous but like… am I wrong?

That’s it for this tag! Feel free to roast me for having a taste in music that’s all over the goddamn place.

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